Quintessentially Hellas was launched in Athens in 2007 as part of the world's leading luxury lifestyle management and concierge group to oversee the Greek and Cypriot markets. With local agents and an exceptional network throughout Greece and Cyprus, Quintessentially Hellas offers members true insider access across every aspect of the luxury lifestyle market, from travel to gastronomy to real estate to retail, culture, nightlife and public relations and event planning.


Hellenic hospitality

Each team member pours their own professional experience and local knowledge into every request we address. Our team provides impeccable lifestyle management and concierge services to its membership, including unique experiences and rare privileges to members living in Greece and Cyprus as well as those visiting from abroad.

Languages spoken: Greek, English, French, Italian, Spanish

George Elias Eliades

Quintessentially Manager - Greece & Cyprus

'For us here at Quintessentially Hellas, getting the job done is not enough. The key is to build real relationships and take initiative, with the challenge being how to become necessary in our membersʼ lives. It can indeed sometimes be stressful and demanding. However, even a quick email of appreciation from someone you respect and admire is motivating and rewarding. And in the end, this is what makes this job amazing... becoming necessary.'


How we've helped our members

'I believe that time is essential to allow you to form a solid opinion. I can honestly say we are in a perfect place – you have taken care of everything as we wished, and the service has lived up to what we expected from Quintessentially. We would gladly recommend you to our friends. So, keep up the good job!'

– Quintessence member

'I recommend you and your service to everybody I can – simply because you are doing an amazingly great job! :) And I will keep doing that, itʼs a pleasure.'

– Quintessence member

'Iʼd like to congratulate you on the spectacular planning and implementation of our membersʼ wedding in Athens this summer. The dedication your team put into every detail impressed all 400 guests.'

Foreign Quintessentially office

Local services


North London Forever!!!

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Restaurants & nightlife

Relationships with the world’s best chefs and restaurants enable exclusive dining opportunities and special new discoveries.

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Exclusive access

Make the most of what life has to offer: receive unprecedented access to coveted global happenings, from sport to entertainment to art.

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Real estate

Property sales, purchases, home management, renting and leasing are just a few of Quintessentially Estates’ expert services.

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Lifestyle services

Relieve the stress of the day-to-day with assistance in everything practical and banal to alleviate the pressures of everyday life.

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We are expert at planning all types of weddings, big and small, from intimate local ceremonies to expansive destination-oriented events.

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Our in-house expert advisory team can assist with each phase of education to maximise every student’s individual potential.

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In addition to receiving complimentary access to the world’s most prestigious art fairs, such as Frieze, The Armory, and Art Basel, Quintessentially offers a comprehensive advisory service for collectors.

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Gifting & Personal Shopping

Our personal shopping and style experts are masters at sourcing coveted fashion, rare collectables, elusive works of art, and unique gifts – whether for a business partner or special someone.

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