Servicing a very discerning public since 2016, Quintessentially Angola reaches beyond typical lifestyle and concierge services, expanding its influence to the business sector and tailoring our offering to the needs of the domestic market. With a highly personalised approach, we pride ourselves on providing the greatest level of customer attention in all areas of life so that our members can focus on the things that truly matter.


Vast potential

Luanda was the chosen location to establish the headquarters of Quintessentially Angola. With a potential revealed year after year, we have sought to create a range of services that can be relied upon to sustain such development. Our members value access, the freedom to travel without any concerns, the peace of mind that comes with always being able to find what they are looking for – and that is what we offer through an established network of connections and a unique and individualised relationship with each of them.

Languages spoken:
Portuguese, English, Spanish

Paulo Dos Santos

Director Quintessentially South Africa

'As the head of all Quintessentially's offices in Africa, I took up the challenge of facing a very particular market with its own set of needs. Our journey has been a success, with visible growth year after year. We have managed to attract many members and offer them an excellent level of service, based not only on our lifestyle services but also with a focus on business, both nationally and internationally – which is very important in a country like Angola. With a first-class approach covering the most diverse aspects of life, we know we are on the right path to keep growing.’


How we've helped our members

'With Quintessentially, I feel I can always stay up to date with the most important business and networking events. This puts me in a privileged position in my industry, which is an asset for someone career-driven, like me.'

– Elite member

'My travel life has been completely transformed by Quintessentially, and I no longer know what I would do without my lifestyle manager. The arrangement of all the details is flawless, and my routine has become so much simpler since becoming a member.'

– Elite member

'My family's special occasions are always highlighted in the best way, either because I know I can count on Quintessentially to organise the best celebrations, or because I'll always have the ideal gift to surprise the people I care about most.'

– Dedicated member

Local services


North London Forever!!!

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Restaurants & nightlife

Relationships with the world’s best chefs and restaurants enable exclusive dining opportunities and special new discoveries.

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Exclusive access

Make the most of what life has to offer: receive unprecedented access to coveted global happenings, from sport to entertainment to art.

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Real estate

Property sales, purchases, home management, renting and leasing are just a few of Quintessentially Estates’ expert services.

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Lifestyle services

Relieve the stress of the day-to-day with assistance in everything practical and banal to alleviate the pressures of everyday life.

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We are expert at planning all types of weddings, big and small, from intimate local ceremonies to expansive destination-oriented events.

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Our in-house expert advisory team can assist with each phase of education to maximise every student’s individual potential.

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In addition to receiving complimentary access to the world’s most prestigious art fairs, such as Frieze, The Armory, and Art Basel, Quintessentially offers a comprehensive advisory service for collectors.

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Gifting & Personal Shopping

Our personal shoppers are experts at securing the best gifts for the most important people on your list. From experiences to hard-to-find items.

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Rua Fernão Mendes Pinto 20, Luanda, Angola

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